Charlie Cookson was born full term on the 13th April 2011. He was in Special Care at the RVI for eight weeks trying to stabilise severe reflux, control infection and reach birth weight of 5lb 6.5 oz.He was on oxygen, incubated and tube fed owed to severe infection which was never diagnosed. Discharged at eight weeks old he was then rushed into A&E three days later with a temperature of 40 degrees. Such a brave little boy who has overcome Ecoli Septicemia, Meningitis & Pseudomonus.

By the age of four months old, Charlie had undergone so much surgery the poor little soldier had no veins left!The doctors could not come to a diagnosis for Charlie...susceptible to infection, poor weight gain, hypotonia and poor swallow co-ordination.Charlie was genetically tested, his bloods were sent all over the UK to look for metabolic disorders, neuro disorders...they all came back fine.Charlie was still being tube fed at four months old. He was discharged once again from the RVI only to have a severe blue choking episode within 24 hours...Daddy saved his life!

Charlie was discharged again at five months old, only to return to the RVI again within 24 hours with an inguinal hernia.Mammy was not going to leave hospital until they found out why Charlie was always distressed and had such a pained look in his eyes.Mammy felt a clicking in Charlie's ribs and requested an X ray....the results showed eleven rib fractures!Sheffield's Metabolic Bone Disease Centre also could not diagnose Charlie as they had never seen a brittle bones disease of this type before!

Charlie starts new bone medicine "Pamidronate". Mammy and Daddy have seen a big improvement in Charlie's alertness and general interactive skills as he is free from most of the pain.Charlie also has some form of immune deficiency where he is unable to create his own antibodies which leaves him very suseptible to infection...this means that he has to have immunoglobilins injected into his leg every week for as long as required.
It could be the rest of his life.

He is getting soooooooooo big now!!!

Mam and Dad have never left Charlie's side since birth and so desperately want him home so all our family and friends can meet him and give him lots of cuddles ... xxx

Thank you all so much for your love, support and